This Will Change Your Life Forever - Klaus Pichler

Klaus Pichler's latest project "This Will change your life forever" focuses on the bizzare market selling products that claim to have miraculous and impossible effects for the buyer, for example the "Huge real love goblin" that claims to "help you with everything concerning love, making someone fall in love with you, being sexually attractive, protecting against infidelity and also with getting rid of an unloved partner" of course has no such abilities and offers only a placebo effect.

Every product and description in the book is genuine and either purchased by the artist online or created from material found in online sites and forums dedicated to this new age esotericism.

Alongside mystical product shots of these items are self portraits in which Pichler recreates cult like energy rituals.

The book is a parody of the sort of catalog that would sell these products. There is a tension in the project between the images that poke fun at the nonsensical nature of these ideas, and the surreal altered landscapes Pichler creates that appear sporadically throughout. The beauty of some of these images leads the viewer to question the satirical nature of the book.

Alongside the main book is a small booklet detailing the actual products purchased, here the cost of the item is noted, as well as what the item is constructed from. This extra information makes ties together the project and makes clearer the truth to Pichlers images.

Also in this booklet Pichler explains his reasons for starting the project.

"I witnessed how after an existential crisis, two of my friends began to identify with the contents of the 'spiritual world' and its self declared earthly representatives. Soon they showed severe changes of personality. Their view of the world became speculative, they saw themselves surrounded by 'energetic enemies'."

This, along with the many self portraits throughout, give the project a more personal twist, as opposed to the highly satirical aspect of the book.

Overall I found the project to be very interesting and entertaining, however in some circumstances the concepts throughout seemed to over shadow the beauty of some of the images, which while it worked well in this book, it is something i will be avoiding in my project.

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