Samantha Keely Smith

Samantha Keely Smith paintings are abstracted fictional landscapes depicting our relationship with nature. The idea of creating a fictional landscape is integeral to my project, although rather than creating an entirely new place, I will be using real landscapes and turning them into a fiction. Smith's paintings are emotive and representative of intense feelings she experiences during vivid dream states.

"The truth is that I have these dreams about a place. It only happens every few months but they are extremely intense dreams. There are never any people. It is just a massive natural force, unlike anything I’ve seen in real life or pictures. It feels like a sentient being. It is always moving. The dreams are frightening but also awe-inspiring. They are amazing. I mainly take the colors, light and movement from those dreams."

Combining famililararity with chance and nature, my project will be a dreamlike transformation of the everyday.

Smiths painting's are an embodiment of how we react with the world around us, depicting scenes in which the world has been reclaimed by the force of nature.

"My tumultuous fictional landscapes represent our delusional relationship with nature. In my recent work, I evoke our awakening anxieties about our fraught and fragile place in the world."

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