Magnum Contact Sheets (Book)

Recently my work has become more analog than digital. I find it interesting how the switching between mediums effects ones workflow straight away. While i still work with digital, I find that in certain situtions the process of taking photographs with a digital camera ineffective and less rewarding. Ironically though i process all of my analog images in lightroom, I feel much more in control this way and it offers me much more options in terms of creative control.

I feel it beneificial as a photographer to reflect and question the way I work. Having never worked in a fully analog process from start to finish i thought i would study the contact sheets of the renowned photographic cooperative Magnum. Members of this agency comprise of a canon of the most respected photographers of the last 60 years including Henri cartier Breson, Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt and Steve Mccurry. The introduction of the book claims the contact sheet way of working is obselete, I'm curious to see how much truth there is too this.

"The contact sheet, now rendered obsolete by digital photography embodies much of the appeal of photography itself: the sense of time unfolding, a durable trace of movement through space. An apparent authentication of photography’s claims to transparent representation of reality."

I found the process of making a contact sheet much quicker and more enjoyable than scanning the roll in. After deciding on photos i wanted to use and making a print i realised that the vast majority of the photos i had taken were taken with the purpose of making double exposures. Darkroom printing isn't something i will be deciding on for this project, as i prefer the amount of creative control that is available when editing digitally. However i found the process enjoyable and i think this workflow would suit a project that involves printing without the image being manipulated.

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