Lenz photography festival - Manchester

Last weekend i took a trip up to the Lenz photography show at the Great Northern in Manchester which featured the work of 12 up and coming photographers from around the world. Amongst the names were some photographers who's work i already knew from Instagram and Flickr- Cody Cobb and Maya Beano.

Cobb is an American travel photographer known for documenting otherworldly landscapes. The prints on show were a2 and extremely detailed and sharp, all sharing a similar muted colour palette .

As a set the prints made sense together and the subject matter and photographers choice of composition made the scenes look entirely fictional yet completely photographical.

Maya Beano's prints really stood out for me in the exhibition. The scenes themselves are mysterious and surreal, lending themselves perfectly to the melancholy of the dark blues and purples throughout the set.

The landscapes (without accompanying models) in the set are pictorial and painterly, swapping detail for atmosphere. Beano shoots on various colour 35mm film stocks and edits the negatives digital to achieve the desired effects.

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