Valérie Belin - Black Eyed Susan - Book

Belin's Black Eyed Susan combines portraiture and still life, resulting in a bold and colorfull aesthetic. Dressing her models in a 50’s aesthetic and combining them digitally with bright and colourful flowers, the images comment on the archetype of the decorative female. The women photographed posses a certain flawless, pin up girl appearance, a social icon of how women were portrayed in the 50’s. The comparison between women and flowers holds relevance in that flowers are living beings that are used ornamentally. Each image uses an intentionally limited colour palette, which lends the images a sort of cartoonish appearance and seems to remove the images from the form of the photograph.

For my project I will be using double exposures and I would like it if my series shared the same coherency and attention to form. I will be adding in colours to the shadows and highlights of my images to create a distinctive aesthetic for my set, focusing as in the series above, on a few complimentary colours.

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