Jason Evans NYLPT

Jason Evans’ NYLPT is a book made from the photographers trips to the worlds most photographed cities – New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Evans creates confounding images that depend heavily on chance, specifically, whether the relationship between exposures will make aesthetic sense. The book has several reoccurring motifs, text being one of them. Throughout the book there are messages. “Fuel” “oil” “closing down” as well as a consistent barrage of numbers throughout, prices, times, serial numbers all painting the image of a busy city. The text also seems to comment on the creation of the photographs themselves “wasted time” “good call” “photographic” “special”.

Another reoccurring motif is the circle. Circle’s are reoccurring in a lot of Evan’s personal work, often drilling holes in film canisters to create a unique burn/bullet hole effect.

Up until now all of my double exposures have been in post production so I decided to double expose an entire roll by reloading the roll and see how my results differed. My results are below.

I underexposed by 1 stop the first time around and then exposed as normal for the clouds, really happy with the mystical effect i achieved with these.

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