In Passing


Through family portraiture and photographs of rural and natural spaces, I respond to photographs taken by my Mother during her time studying photography. As we communicate back and forth through images 22 years apart, In Passing becomes a project about the passing hours of day to day life and the slow accumulation of years. Photographs taken whilst I walked with my Mother as a child sit beside photographs I took whilst exploring alone. Over the time between these moments family members become older, trees are cut down and memories become imprecise. In its complete form as a photobook, In Passing tells a narrative of everyday moments, of meditative time, and of the mortality of life.

Winner of 2019 Genisis Imaging and Djanogly Art Gallery Bursday Award

Exhibited at:


Hung Up 'Above Below' Exhibition 24th May - 8th June

Free Range Festival 27th June - 2nd July

Lakeside Arts Djanogly Art Gallery - TBA 2019

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